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November 2nd 2017 - Preview of entries to CYC 2017 Photographic Competition

Top bar 8.00 pm

October 31st 2017 - Closing date for CYC 2017 Photographic Competition

September 30th - Barry Yacht Club Highlight Race

Start 13.30

LW 08.33 HW 15.25

Contact BYC for detaiils

September 23rd - Breaksea Cup race

HW 9.47 LW 16.02

September 9th - Holms Race (start & finish at Portishead)

See PCC (Portishead Cruising Club) website for details

September 2nd - 3rd - NUSC Regatta

LW 10.52 HW 17.16

August 26th - 27th - BCYA English Coast Rally, Watchet

August 25th - 28th - Extreme 40s in Cardiff Bay

August 20th (Sunday) - Ladies' Race

HW 11.46 LW 16.54

August 14th Thornbury Week - Thornbury Sailing Club

Great fun to be had at TSC if you can spare the time to be there. Lasts all week if you can stand the pace

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